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Marvin Rosen, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


I am interested in treating adolescents and adults with problems of anxiety and mood. Anxiety disorders include excessive fearfulness, social anxiety, obsessive- compulsive disorder, and post=traumatic stress disorder. Mood disorders include mild to severe depression and bipolar disorder. Clients may or may not be taking psychotropic medication. I also work with pain management using psychological approaches.

I have extensive experience in the practice of clinical psychology with children and adults in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, mental health clinics, public and private schools, and in private practice. I have spent ten years working with adolescents in a high school setting. I have learned that teens may be willing to talk with me about their problems when they are unwilling to do so with their parents. I respect their privacy and do not reveal what is told to be in confidence except when I believe they they are in danger or are placing others in danger.



I am a licensed, doctoral level clinical psychologist with many years experience in clinical practice, teaching, and writing.

textbooks in psychology and rehabilitation, seventy-five professional journal articles, a psychological novel, two children’s books and two books of poetry. I live in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania with my wife, son and two grandchildren. 


1990-2000 Vice President, Development; Assistant to the President Elwyn Institute

2000-2001 Consulting Psychologist –The Devereux Foundation

2002-2004 Psychologist, Residential Treatment Center, Elwyn, Inc.

1965-present Private Practice .

1988-89 Consulting Editor, Mental Retardation Journal

2001-2002  Consulting Editor, Chelsea House Publishers

2008-2009  Consulting Psychologist, Elwyn, Inc.


1956, B.A.  Cornell University, major Psychology

1958, M.A.  University of Pennsylvania, major Clinical Psychology

1961. Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, major Clinical Psychology


1960-61. Internship Clinical Psychology, V.A. Hospital Perry Point, MD.

Teaching experience

1963-64  Instructor University of Pennsylvania

1964-65; 1967-68  Visiting Professor Psychology, Bryn Mawr College

1968-69  Instructor Psychology Penn State extension.

2000-2001 Adjunct Instructor West Chester University

Clinical experience

1962-63 Child Psychologist, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia

1965-present Private practice, 1963199Psychologist,;ClinicalDirector,   VP                                                             

2000-2001  Psychologist, The Devereux Foundation

2002-2003  Psychologist, Elwyn, Inc.

2003-2009  Psychologist, Interboro School District (part time)

2009-2016 Consulting Psychologist, Marple Newtown School District (part time)

Counseling and Therapy


Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives.  Depressed persons have distinctive styles of thinking that are destructive but can be altered.  Anxiety disorders such as irrational fears, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and panic can be helped by visualization and gradual exposure methods.   



Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. I can desensitizeyou overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 


I provide psychological approaches to pain management whether or not ypu are receiving medication.  Pain is a subjective experience, even when biologically determined.  There is always a psychological component.  Cognitive behavioral strategies can help you gain controf  off pain.

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Marvin Rosen, Ph.D.

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